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best source for plastic bags

How to Measure Plastic Bag Sizes

Box Liner

  • Measure the width, depth and height of the box to be lined. The depth is the shortest side.
  • Add 1" to the width and depth of the box to determine the width and depth of the bag
  • For the Length (L) of the bag add the depth + Height + 7 inches.

Drum Liner

  • Measure the diameter and height of the container to be lined.
  • To determine the Circumference (C) of the container, multiply the diameter by 3.14.
  • To determine the Width (W) of the bag, divide the Circumference (C) by 2. Add 1" for a looser fit.
  • To determine the Length (L) of the bag, add the diameter to the height. Add 5" for overhang.

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted Bags:
For Covers:
For Inner Liner:
The length and width of gusseted bags are the outside dimensions side to side and from top to bottom. The gusset is measured by its expansion diameter (D).

Add approximately 4" to either width (W) or depth (D) for a loose fit.
For length (L) and half of depth (D) to actual length.

Use the same procedure as above for width and depth. For length, add all of depth (D) to actual length plus 4" to 6" for overlapping the ends of liner. Add 10" to 12" if you plan to tie off bag.


Pallet Cover

  • Measure the width, depth and height of the pallet to be covered. (The depth is the shortest side).
  • Add 2" to the width and the depth (W) of the pallet for the size of the cover
  • The Length (L) of the cover is determined by adding ½ of the depth to the height.
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